To 2020,

to exciting new possibilities. the end of March, in a matter of days, we had to shed our brick, mortar & textbook system and transform into a digital, connected & online school.


Digital schooling enabled a whole new world of opportunity. A break in the routine. A chance to explore new ways to engage. New tools to discover, new knowledge to discuss.


We recently conducted our first online evaluations, automated a part of our assessments, used AI tools for teaching Math and English, and even hosted an online cultural fest.


Today, in hindsight, we are happy to report that we've come through stronger, richer, feeling more prepared to tackle the unknown. We have come to understand better just how fragile and sensitive our ecological and economic systems are. It will remain our constant endeavour and promise to provide an education and a worldly exposure to our students in a manner that they have all the skills to solve complex problems in an un-certain world.


the gurukul