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A letter to the reader


Before you look around the website, we'd like to share a personal note about how we at Sanskriti think about the current & future scenarios of education & schooling.

Sanskriti, we often find ourselves pondering over developments in the wider world and how they intersect with our lives. A few questions that hit closest to home are how does a school adapt and find relevance in the age of information?


 - Are schools doing enough to provide progressive, real-world skills & opportunities to our students or are we still delivering fixed lessons, concepts & syllabi?

 - Are schools in someway becoming a breeding ground for highly competitive individuals? What does that mean in the context of their future lives, their ability to work in teams, to being empathetic individuals and to becoming changemakers?

- Can schools evolve into 
social learning spaces where we learn to collaborate and work with each other's strengths & weaknesses? 

In many ways, these have also become guiding questions for us as we set our intentions around how we model our teaching & learning processes. In the past few years, we have made several reforms keeping all these questions in mind. As you read your way through the website you shall learn about some of our methods and initiatives.

It will remain our constant endeavor and promise to provide an education and a worldly exposure to our students in a manner that they have all the skills to solve complex problems in an un-certain world. 


the gurukul

Motto : Endless Possibilities
Estd : March, 2003
Format : Day-boarding with meals, sports, activities & remedials.
Study groups : Kindergarten to Grade 12
Students : 1300  //  Educators : 135
Board affiliations : ISC / ICSE
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